Main Tent - Governor's Inaugural Ball '98

A 400'x120' tent covered the main floor of the Inaugural Ball. This area housed thirty palm trees, an 80'x60' dance floor, staging for the band, and the entrance ramp for the Grand March. ACS used six truss positions to fly 56 VARILITE fixtures and other conventional lighting instruments to provide coverage for the dance floor, canopy, stage, and ramp areas. Nearly 150 additional lights provided uplighting for the trees, statuary, food and drink tables, and accents for foliage. Throughout the night the mood was changed by the use of multicolor washes and moving lights for the dance floor and tent canopy.

  A clear blue evening with bright stars set the mood for a "Night Under Carolina Skies"
  Over 7000 attendees celebrated the event.
  Deep, saturated color are possible, accented by uplighting from the displays in the room.
  A two-tone wash provides many possibilties for different moods.
  An almost irredescent wash is created using a standard rainbow palet.
  Gobo patterns cut through the wash to add more highlites to the tent.

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