ACS has provided our services for hundreds of campaign and political appearances and many nationally broadcast debates since the 1988 election cycle. With experience at all levels of politics, from local candidates to the last three sitting presidents, we understand the distinct concerns of this type of event. We realize that campaign appearances have unique needs for security, broadcast image, attendee's image, planning, telecommunications and timing. ACS is very experienced working within these parameters and we welcome the chance to serve your needs anywhere in the state of South Carolina or beyond.

ACS can arrange and provide all of your technical needs for a political events including:
Public Address Sound Systems
Press Mult Boxes
Stage Platforms (indoor and outdoor)
Press/Cut Risers
Barricade/Bike Rack
Rope and Stanchions
Stage Covers and Tents
Video Monitors, Plasmas, LCDs
Video Projection
Large US/State Flags and Backdrops
US and State Flags with floor bases
Indoor Television Lighting
Outdoor Daytime (HMI) lighting
Audience Platforms and Bleachers
Pipe and Drape
Red, White and Blue Bunting, Skirts and Decorations
Image Magnification camera and screens
Video Cameras and monitors
Power Distribution for Press Risers
Power Distribution for Press Filing
Audio Recording (radio commercial recording on location)
Power Generators (including small handheld units)
Aerial Search Lights
Musical group audio stage monitoring
Musician Backline Instruments
Intelligent lighting and lighting effects
Banner or other rigging and support
Gobo Projections

SELECTED POLITICAL EVENTS (current 2008 campaign season appearances excluded):
President George W. Bush (R)
President Bill Clinton (D)
President George H. Bush (R)
Vice President Dan Quayle (R)
Vice President Al Gore (D)
Vice President Dick Cheney (R)
Senator John Edwards (D)
Senator John Kerry (D)
Senator Joseph Lieberman (D)
Senator Lindsey Graham (R)
Senator Lamar Alexander (R)
Senator John McCain (R)
Senator Bob Dole (R)
Senator Elizabeth Dole (R)
Senator Paul Tsongas (D)
Senator Strom Thurmond (R)
Senator John McCain (R)
Senator Fitz Hollings (D)
Senator Orrin Hatch (R)
Senator Phil Gramm (R)
Senator Carol Moseley Braun (D)
Senator Bill Bradley (D)
SC Governor David Beasley (R)
SC Governor Carroll Campbell (R)
SC Governor Jim Hodges (D)
SC Governor Mark Sanford (R)
Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D)
Attorney General John Ashcroft (R)
Ambassador Alan Keyes (R)
Rev. Jesse Jackson (D)
Rev. Al Sharpton (D)
Gen. Wesley Clark (D)
Dr. Howard Dean (D)
Secretary Donna Shalala (D)
First Lady Laura Bush (R)
Steve Forbes (R)
Pat Buchanan (R)
Ralph Nader (I)

1998 SC Governor's Inaugural Ball (click here to view more of this event)

For a Pictorial sampling of other recent ACS events please visit our Portfolio Page.

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