Fox News Republican Presidential Debate

The January 10th Fox News Republican Presidential Debate was held at Myrtle Beach Convention Center in in Myrtle Beach, SC. The hall was fitted with several hangs of EAW KF730 Line Array boxes provided by ACS Sound and Lighting. The KF730 boxes were flown in 5 zones above the audience to provide plenty of gain-before-feedback in a challanging sound reinforcement situation. These boxes were supplimented by EAW JF80 front fill speakers along with several EV EVID monitors behind each of the candidates. A Yamaha M7CL-48 with additional output card provided 24 outs for the event (including several PA zones, monitors and other feeds.)

ACS also provided all of the video services for the event including the main screens in the hall and dozens of plasmas/lcds throughout the venue for the candidates, press and attendees. The two main 10.5' x 14' screens were each illuminated by dual-stacked Christie 10K projectors. Another Christie 10K projector provided video in the main press filing area on a 15' x 20' screen.

ACS technicians were on hand to install the sound and video systems and also covered all the client's needs throughout the entire week.

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