ACS has the most diverse selection of sound, lighting, video, film and related equipment available for rental in South Carolina. Rentals come with most neccesary accessories such as cables and adapters at no additional charge. Delivery and setup is available. Walk-in rentals are accepted when equipment is available, but reservations are preferred and can be made in advance by phone (803.791.7200). Feel free to contact us at any time to inquire about specific equipment or to place a reservation for a rental.
BRANDS: Analog Way, Anchor, Da-Lite, Eiki, Focus Enhancements, Folsom, JVC, Kramer, LG, Marshall, Panasonic, Production Intercom, Proxima, Sanyo, Sony, Telex
3000 Lumen Portable XGA LCD Projector $150 day
4000 Lumen Portable XGA LCD Projector $225 day
5000/7000 Lumen Sanyo LCD Projector (long/short lenses avai.) $500 or $600 day
12000 Lumen PLC-XF1000 LCD Projector (long/short lenses avail.) $1100 day
26" HD Resolution LCD Display w/ or w/out Tuner $60 day
42" Panasonic Pro HD Resolution Plasma Display $275 day
50" Panasonic Pro HD Resolution Plasma Display $375 day
63" Samsung HD Resolution Plasma Display $550 day
Stands and Rolling Carts available for Plasma Displays Please call
Kodak 35mm Slide Projector (wireless remote available) $35 day
AV Cart or Projector Stand $15 day
Tripod Projection Screen (7x7, 5', 7' and 8' Video Format) $25 day
*Fastfold Projection Screen (7.5x10 front or rear) $90 day
*Fastfold Projection Screen (9x12 front or rear) $100 day
*Fastfold Deluxe Projection Screen (10.5x14 front or rear) $150 day
*Da-Lite 15x20 Screen w/ Heavy-Duty Truss Frame (front) Please call

Analog Way Eikos LE Multi-Layer Hi-Res. Matrix Scaler Seamless Switcher with 4 Scalers

$650 day
Analog Way RK-300 Eikos LE Remote $150 day
Folsom PresentationPro Seamless Scaler Switcher - 8 Inputs $225 day
Analog Way OctoFX Seamless Scaler Switcher - 8 Inputs $225 day
Analog Way OctoPlus Scaler Switcher - 8 Inputs $125 day
Marshall Quad and Triple Rackmount LCD Monitor Packages Please call
Kramer VGA over CAT5 Transmitters and Receivers Please call
Stage intercom system (per station) Please call
Free Standing Carpeted podium $50 day
Global Truss Podium - 12" Box Truss Style $100 day
Da-Lite Wood Free Standing podium (w/ light and timer) $100 day
Da-Lite Pedestal Lectern (Contemporary - Cherry) $150 day
Lenovo Laptop - w/ Microsoft Office Suite $100 day
MacBook Pro - w/ Microft Office Suite $100 day
DVD Player - Progressive Scan - DVD-R and DVD+R $20 day
Denon DN-V300 "Global Compatible" DVD Player - All Formats $75 day
LG DVD Recorder - Records almost all formats $50 day
Sony Betacam SP UVW 1800 Player/Recorder $175 day
Canon GL-2 3CCD MiniDV Video Camera Package $100 day
*JVC GY-DV5000 3CCD Video Camera Package - 16X Canon Lens Please call
Marantz CDR420 Portable Hard Disc/CD Recorder $60 day
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BRANDS: AB International, BGW, Crest, Crown, Carver, Lab Gruppen, QSC, Mackie
Up to 599 watts per ch @ 4 ohms $25 day
600 watts to 1000 watts / ch @ 4 ohms $35 day
Crown I-Tech 9000 HD - 3500w x 2 @ 4 and 4700w x 2 @ 8 ohms $75 day
DC Parade/Portable Amplifier $25 day
BRANDS: Anchor, Community, EAW, EV, JBL, Mackie, RCF, Sound Bridge, Wharfedale
10"/1" Powered - RCF ART 310A $30 day
12"/2" Powered - RCF ART 322A $40 day
15"/2" Powered - Yamaha DSR115 $50 day
12" Full Range Main or Monitor (passive) - JBL SRX712M $25 day
12" Full Range Main or Monitor (passive) - EV Sx300, SB 3112HTX $15 day
15" Full Range Main or Monitor (passive) - TwinX15 $20 day
Powered Subs - EAW NTS22 $75 day
EAW JF80z $20 day
Apogee AE5 2-Way Speaker $35 day
Apogee AE5 Amp Rack w/ Apogee Processor (powers 4 boxes) $100 day
Sound Bridge SLICE 7122WX 12"/2"/1" Touring Monitor (148db) Please call
EAW SM500 or SM15 15" Monitor Please call
EV Xi-1153A/64 (3-way) Please call
EAW KF650z and KF695z (3-way) Please call
EAW NTL720 Self-Powered Line Array (3-way) Please call
EAW KF730 Compact Line Array (3-way) Please call
EAW KF760 / KF761 Line Array (3-way) Please call
EV Xi-2181A Dual 18" Subwoofer Please call
EAW SB1002 Dual 18" Subwoofer Please call
EAW BH760 Bent Horn Subwoofer Please call
WorxAudio 218S Dual 18" Subwoofer Please call
BRANDS: Avid/Digidesign, Mackie, Midas, Soundcraft, Yamaha, Vestax
8 Channel Powered Mixer (Soundcraft Gigrac 1000st) $55 day
Up to 12 Channel Mixer (Mackie 1202, CFX-12) $25 day
Yamaha MG166C Mixer - 16 Channel - 10 XLR $35 day
Mackie 1604VLZ Pro Mixer - 16 Channel $45 day
Mackie Onyx 1640 Mixer - 16 Channel $55 day
D-Rack: Soundcraft 8 Ch. Mixer w/ FX, EQ, Comp, CD Player $100 day
C-Rack: Mackie 16 Ch. Mixer, 2 EQs, 3 Comps, FX Unit $150 day
*Soundcraft Series 5 Monitor Console - 48+4x32 Channel VCA $600 day
Yamaha O3D Digital Console - 16 Channel $75 day
Yamaha LS9-16 Digital FOH/Monitor Console - 16 Channel $125 day
Yamaha LS9-32 Digital FOH/Monitor Console - 32+4x16 Channel $250 day
*Yamaha M7CL-48 Digital FOH/Monitor Console - 48+4x16 Channel $400 day
*AVID / DIgidesign Venue Profile Digtal Console $600 day
*Yamaha PM5D-RH Digital FOH/Monitor Console - 48+4x24 Channel Please Call
Midas EZ-Tilt Console Stand Please Call
Battery powered production mixer $30 day
Soundcraft DJ Mixer $25 day
Vestax PMC-05 Pro II DJ Mixer $50 day
AC extension cord per circuit foot 10¢ day
AC distribution system $50 day
50' Cam-Lock Banded Feeder $20 day
4/0 Feeder Cable or Distro Please call
BRANDS: AKG, Audio-Technica, Audix, Comtek, Countryman, Horizon, EV, Lightspeed, Samson, Sennheiser, Shure, Whirlwind, Vega
Handheld mic w/ stand $10 day
Standard ireless mic system (Handheld, Lavalier or Headset) $50 day
Shure UHF-R / Camera Set Sennheiser Wireless mic system $75 day
Sennheiser Shotgun mic / Zep / Boom pole $50 day
Condenser / Specialty / Choir mics $20 day
Studio mics $30 day
D.I. Boxes $5 day
16x4 - 100' Snake $25 day
40x8 - 150' Snake w/ split (tranformer isolated w/ lifts) $125 day
48x8 - 200' Snake w/ split (tranformer isolated w/ lifts) $150 day
48x8 - 300' Snake w/ split (tranformer isolated w/ lifts) $175 day
Whirlwind Presspower 2x16 Active media mult box (others avail.) $75 day
BRANDS: BSS, DBX, Digitech, Drawmer, EAW, Eventide, Furman, Klark Teknik, Lexicon, Presonus, TC Electronic, Ensoniq, Yamaha
Dual 31-Band 1/3 Octave EQ/ Dual 15 band EQ $20 day
Multi-effects processor, Compressor / Limiter or Gate $20 day
dbx 566 Dual Channel Tube Compressor $100 day
Crossover (2 or 3 way) $20 day
dbx DriveRack 480, BSS OmniDrive, EAW MX8750, EAW UX8800 $75 day
BRAND: DBX, Denon, Marantz, Panasonic, Pioneer, Sony, Tascam, Technics, Telex
DAT Player / Recorder $50 day
Cassette Player / Recorder or CD Player $20 day
Denon DN-D4500 Dual CD/MP3 Player $40 day
Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 Tabletop CD/MP3 Player $100 day
VHS VCR or Progressive Scan DVD Player $20 day
Denon DN-V300 "Global Compatible" DVD Player - All Formats $75 day
LG DVD Recorder - Records almost all formats $50 day
Sony Betacam SP UVW 1800 Player/Recorder $175 day
Technics SL-1200 MKII Direct Drive Turntable (pair) $75 day
Marantz CDR420 Portable Hard Disc/CD Recorder $60 day
BRANDS: Altman, Lycian, PSL
Short Throw (100ft) - Lycian Clubspot $45 day
Medium Throw (200ft) - PSL Lancer MSR 575w $100 day
Long Throw (300ft) - Altman 600HTI $150 day
BRANDS: Altman, ETC, L&E, MBT, Mole-Richardson, Thomas, Tomcat
Ellipsoidal / Source Four / 19, 26, 36, 50 etc. $20 day
6" Fresnel $15 day
ETC Source Four Par (optional lenses available) $15 day
PAR 38 can - Black or White $4 day
PAR 64 can - Black or Aluminum (Silver) $10 day
Cyclight (single) $10 day
Cyclight (dual) $15 day
10' 4 circuit strip lights $30 day
ACL bar (4 - lamps) $40 day
PAR bar (6 - lamps) $60 day
ETC Source Four 6 Lamp Par-Bar (optional lenses available) $100 day
Double hung 10' box truss (16 - 1K lamps) $150 day
Mole Fay 9-Lite or Thomas 6-Lite Blinder $30 day
HMI / Tungsten location lighting Please call
BRANDS: Avolites, Doug Fleenor, Dove, ETC, HES, Leprecon, Lightronics, Martin, NSI
Up to 16 Channel Controller (DMX/Microplex) / Lightronics, Leprecon $25 day
24 Channel Programmable Controller / Leprecon 624 $50 day
ETC Express 48/96 Channel $200 day
ETC Expression 2x / 3 (800 Control Channels) $300 day
Leprecon LPX24 Moving Light Console $150 day
Avolites Pearl 2008 w/ Graphics Tablet - 4 DMX Universe $300 day
4 ch x 1.2K dimmer (DMX/Microplex) $15 day
8 ch x 2.4K or 12 ch x 1.2K dimmer rack (DMX) $35 day
12 ch x 2.4K dimmer rack (DMX) Leprecon VX2400 $75 day
24 ch x 2.4K dimmer rack (DMX) / ETC Sensor or Leprecon VX2400 $150 day
48 ch x 2.4K Leprecon MX2400 Tour dimmer rack (DMX) $300 day
DMX Opto-isolator / Splitter and DMX Converters $25 day
BRANDS: Applied Electronics, CM, ETA, Genie, Global Truss, Motion Labs, Sumner,
Thomas, Tomcat, Ultimate Support
Speaker stand - Ultimate Support $5 day
Dance boom - 10.5' w/ 50lb Base $15 day
Lighting stand w/ crossbar - Ultimate Support $10 day
11' ETA / 16' ProLift cranklift $35 day
Applied Electronics L-16 Crank Lift - 16' $40 day
Sumner Eventer 25 or Genie Super Tower 24 - 25' Lift $100 day
14" Triangle Truss - 10' section (other sizes and corners available) $20 day
12" Box Truss - 10' section (other sizes and corners available) $30 day
20.5" Box Truss - 10' section (other sizes and corners available) $40 day
600 lb. CM chain hoist $75 day
*1 Ton CM chain hoist (Single and Three Phase) $125 day
*Motion Labs 8-Way Motor Distro and Control (others available) Please call
Genie AWP-24 Electric Personnel Lift - Battery Powered $100 day
BRANDS: Staging Dimensions, Bil-Jax, StageRight
Bil-Jax 4'x4' Deck (adjustable height) $25 day
Staging Dimensions SD6000 4'x4' Deck (adjustable height) $50 day
Staging Dimensions SD6000 8'x4' Deck (adjustable height) $100 day
Outdoor rain/shade covers (16'x20', 22'x32', 32'x42') Please call
44'x44' Peaked Roof Weight-Bearing Cover w/ or w/out Flybays Please call
Stair packages, Safety Rail and Stage Skirt Available Please call
Bike Rack Barricade - 8' $25 day
StageRight CC-500 4' Crowd Control Barricade $45 day
BRANDS: CITC FX, Chavet, Diversitronics, Elation, High End Systems, Jem, Martin,
MBT, Rosco, Wildfire
Small fogger (includes 1 qt. fog juice) $35 day
High output fogger or hazer - CITC FogMax or CITC Starhazer II/III $50 or $75 day
Dry ice fogger (dry ice not included) $60 day
Bubble machine $25 day
Elation Platinum 5R Pro Hybrid Spot/Wash moving head fixture $175 day
575 Spot or Wash moving head fixture $225 day
Martin Mac 250, 500, 600, 700, 2000 fixtures Please call
COLORado 1B LED Par - 36 1W RBG Luxeon LEDs $40 day
COLORado 1TOUR LED Par - 42 1W RGBW Luxeon LEDs $45 day
Chauvet LED PAR 38 Tri-B - (7) 3w Tri LEDs $15 day
COLORdash Batten LED - 24 1W Luxeon LEDs $30 day
Chauvet 4-Bar - 4 LED Fixtures w/ Stand, Crossbar and Controller $35 day
Martin Mania EFX500 Effects Light $40 day
High Power Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe $50 day
Martin Mania DC1 or DC2 Effects Light $25 day
Black light (400w HMI Wildfire) $75 day
CITC FX Little Blizzard SP DMX Snow Machine w/ Hurrincane II Fan $75 day
Mole-Richadson Windmachine / Fan $75 day
Black Scrim $180 day / week
Bleached Muslin Cyc 42x26 and 50x26 $250 or $275
Black Curtains $150 day / week
Spandex Shapes Please call
16" Mirrorball with motor $15 day
*3' Mirrorball with motor $95 day
12K HMI fresnel with crankovator stand Please call
1200 HMI PAR, includes stand Please call
575 HMI fresnel includes stand Please call
Complete Grip Truck Available Please call
16mm Film Camera Packages Please call
35mm Film Camera Packages MOS Please call
JVC GY-DV5000 Packages Please call
*Items marked with an asterisk require ACS trained technicians for set-up and

All rental fees are due at the time of the rental pick-up. All charges are based on the time the item(s) is in the renter's possession regardless of actual time used. All rentals from ACS require a credit card deposit in addition to the rental fee (Debit Cards are not allowed for deposit).

All deposits will be refunded to customers upon satisfactory return of all rental items by the time and date on the rental contract. All rental equipment must be returned before 2:00pm unless otherwise scheduled in advance with ACS. Because any equipment which is returned late is not available for further rentals, ACS is forced to charge full rental for the time the equipment is kept out after the scheduled return. All equipment is used at the lessee's risk. The customer accepts full responsibility for all damaged equipment (speakers are tested at rental pick-up and upon return.) Clean-up, repair and replacement for other than normal wear and tear will be billed to the customer. No warranty of performance is made for rented equipment beyond its being in working order when it leaves ACS.

Full rental agreement terms to be signed at time of rental transaction.

Not all rental equipment available at NC location.

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