Platinum Spot 5R Pro

Plat­inum Spot 5R Pro Spot/​Wash Mov­ing Head

Manufacturer: Ela­tion

Model Number: Plat­inum Spot 5R Pro

$ 150.00 / day
Lighting Moving Lights

The Plat­inum Spot 5R PRO is an expand­ed PRO mod­el of our suc­cess­ful Plat­inum Spot 5R, with added fea­tures of CMY col­or mix­ing, motor­ized opti­cal zoom, pan / tilt lock, pow­er­CON in/​out, and Elation’s Wire­less DMX receiv­er built in. This unit is com­pa­ra­ble to a 575W fix­ture but more than dou­ble the lamp life. The Plat­inum Spot 5R PRO also fea­tures increased speed on all motors and is dou­ble the out­put of the 250 fix­ture. This unit is com­pact, 12 the size of a 575 fix­ture and 13 small­er than a 250 fix­ture. Addi­tion­al fea­tures include supe­ri­or optics for a flat and even light field and improved out­put. The Plat­inum Spot 5R PRO is pow­ered by a Phillips MSD Plat­inum 5R lamp pro­vid­ing up to 2,000 hours esti­mat­ed lamp life. The Plat­inum Spot 5R PRO oper­ates from a mul­ti-volt­age elec­tron­ic pow­er sup­ply at 120v-240v 50/​60hz. Con­trol data input is via 3pin and 5 pin DMX data first in and out connections.


CMY Col­or Mix­ing Sys­tem 16bit
Vari­able Zoom ( 4 to 1)
Com­pa­ra­ble To 575 Fix­ture And More Than The Lamp Life
EWD­MX Wire­less DMX Receiv­er Built In
Dou­ble the Out­put of 250 Fix­ture
Increased Speed On All Motors
Com­pact… 12 The Size Of 575 Fix­ture — 1/​3rd Small­er Than A 250
Less Weight… 12 The Weight Of 575 Fix­ture
Ener­gy Effi­cient… Less Than 12 The Pow­er Con­sump­tion Of A 575
Supe­ri­or Optics Flat / Even Light Field And Improved Out­put
Hybrid Tech­nol­o­gy — Spot / Wash
Fea­tur­ing New Philips MSD Plat­inum 5R Lamp


CMY 16bit Col­or sys­tem
8 Dichroic Col­ors
22 Gob­os
8 Rotat­ing Replace­able Rotat­ing / Index­ing Gob­os
14 Sta­t­ic Gob­os
Gobo Size 14mm OD / 8mm ID
3 Facet Rotat­ing Prism
Motor­ized Iris
11° to 42° Vari­able Zoom Beam Angle
Vari­able Frost Fil­ter (Hybrid Effect for Wash)
Motor­ized Focus
Vari­able speed Shut­ter / Strobe
Mechan­i­cal Dim­mer 0 – 100%
EWD­MX Wire­less DMX receiv­er built in
Pan/​Tilt: 540630265
23÷21÷34 3 x DMX Chan­nel Modes
3-pin & 5-pin DMX
Pow­er: 350W MAX / 120v-240V 50/​60hz
6,350 LUX / 590 FC @ 16
Weight: 42 lbs
Dimen­sions: (LxWxH) 14.6” x 14.5” x 18.4
Lamp: Philips MSD Plat­inum 5R
3,000 Hour Aver­age Life