Titan One

Avolites Titan One Virtual Console Dongle

Manufacturer: Avolites

Model Number: 30-01-9600 - Titan One Dongle

$ 25.00 / day
Lighting Lighting Consoles

Rental includes Titan One Dongle ONLY. Computer rented separately.

Fast and Intuitive control of intelligent lighting, Dimmers and LED effects from one on screen console. Titan One DMX USB Dongle allows the user to output one line of DMX with the full functionality of Avolites Titan Software.Access powerful features such as Pixelmapper, Quicksketch, Media Clip Select, Attribute Control-Blades and Shape Generator. Titan One allows you unlimited usage which gives you
uninterrupted programming and playback time.

  • Cost effective solution for schools and installs market
  • 10 pageable playbacks, 60 pages
  • Unique interface for best user experience
  • Single DMX output - 512 Channels
  • Dedicated cue stack control
  • Touch screen support