d&b E3 Loudspeaker

Manufacturer: d&b audiotech­nik

Model Number: Z0300 — E3

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The E3 is an extreme­ly small and ver­sa­tile high per­for­mance sys­tem with aston­ish­ing sound and excel­lent head­room. The horn, which may be rotat­ed to give either 90° x 60° or 60° x 90° cov­er­age, has the nec­es­sary flex­i­bil­i­ty in direc­tiv­i­ty to enable a vari­ety of appli­ca­tions such as delay, infill or dis­trib­uted sound rein­force­ment appli­ca­tions. In addi­tion, it can be used as an extreme­ly com­pact stage mon­i­tor. Togeth­er with a sub­woofer sys­tem the E3 is also capa­ble of repro­duc­ing live or play­back music at con­tin­u­ous­ly high SPLs. The E3 cab­i­net is con­struct­ed from marine ply­wood with an impact resis­tant paint fin­ish, and with its asym­met­ri­cal shape and eight M8 thread­ed inserts for mount­ing acces­sories the E3 can be deployed in almost any position.

Sys­tem data:

Fre­quen­cy response (-5 dB)80 Hz — 18 kHz
Max. sound pres­sure (1m, free field) with D6/D12/D80122/123/123 dB SPL
Cab­i­nets per chan­nel D6/D12/D804

Loud­speak­er data:

Pow­er han­dling capac­i­ty (RMS/​peak 10 ms)120/480 W
Nom­i­nal dis­per­sion angle (h x v)90° x 60° CD rotat­able
Components6.5″ driver/​1″ com­pres­sion dri­ver with con­stant direc­tiv­i­ty horn

Dimen­sions / Weight:

Dimen­sions (H x W x D) 352190204 mm / 13.97.58
Weight 7.2 kg / 16 lb