32Bit Sd Rack

DiGi­Co SD-Rack 56×40×8 32-Bit w/​HMA Optics and MADI

Manufacturer: DiGi­Co

Model Number: X-SD-RACK-O

$ 500.00 / day
Audio Audio Consoles Snakes and Transport

DiGi­Co SD-Rack 32-Bit 56 Ana­log Inputs, 40 Ana­log Out­puts, 4 AES/EBU Inputs/​Outputs (8 Chan­nels), 4 AES/EBU Out­puts (8 Chan­nels) w/​HMA Optics and MADI

Includes Sta­dius 32-Bit ADC/​Input Pre-Amps and DAC/​Outputs