Dsan Limitimer

DSAN Lim­itimer Stag­ing Kit – Wireless

Manufacturer: DSAN

Model Number: PRO-2000BT-KIT4

$ 200.00 / day
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DSAN Lim­itimer Stag­ing Kit – Wireless:

The wire­less Lim­itimer Stag­ing Kit offers a com­plete tim­ing solu­tion. It includes the Lim­itimer Speak­er Timer (PRO-2000BT-T), Podi­um Sig­nal Light (PSL-20V), and wire­less Audi­ence Sig­nal Light with 4-inch sol­id LED dig­its (ASL4-ND3BT), deliv­ered in a high-qual­i­ty water-tight tran­sit case with cus­tom foam com­part­ments for cabling. This Blue­tooth-equipped ver­sion can be used wired or wire­less or a mixture.

Includes PRO-2000BT Wire­less Lim­itimer Sys­tem (Wire­less Timer and Podi­um Sig­nal Light), Audi­ence Sig­nal Light (ASL4-ND3BT), one 7-foot Cat-5 cable, two pow­er sup­plies, and large cus­tom foam padded Carry/​Storage Case (CS-827)