Eos 8000

ETC Eos 8000 Lighting Console

Manufacturer: ETC

Model Number: Eos 8000

$ 350.00 / day
Lighting Lighting Consoles

4-port Net2 Gateway included with rental.

Complete control of conventional and moving lights, LEDs and media servers. Supports multiple users with partitioned parameter control and full backup, multiple playback faders and cue lists in a tracking, move fade environment, with unique tactile response direct selects and encoders.


• 8192 outputs/parameters
• 10,000 control channels
• 99 Discrete Users
• Partitioned Control
• Master playback pair with motorized 100mm faders
• Ten 100mm motorized faders x 100 pages for configurable faders, submasters, masters and grandmaster control
• 2 full size LCD touchscreens for display, direct selection and context sensitive control
• LCD direct selects with tactile response
• Four discrete palette types (IFCB)
• Presets function as “all palette”
• Effects provide dynamic relational and absolute progressive behavior
• Central information area (CIA) accesses electronic alpha keyboard, Hue + Saturation color picker, gel picker, browser and other controls
• 1 context sensitive LCD touchscreen with six associated force-feedback encoders for non-intensity parameter control
• Configurable high-density channel display, with format and flexi-channel modes
• User configurable topographical channel views
• List views of all record targets
• ETCNet2™ and Net3™ (powered by ACN) network output protocols
• Show import from Obsession®, Express™, Expression®, Emphasis®, Congo® and Strand 500/300 Series via ASCII
• Multiple MIDI and/or SMPTE Time Code Inputs, MIDI Through and Output, Analog/Serial Inputs
• Virtual Media Server function for pix mapped effects, images and animations