Colorsource Av

ETC Col­or­Source 20 AV Light­ing Console

Manufacturer: ETC

Model Number: 7225A1100-US

$ 125.00 / day
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ETC Col­or­Source 20 AV Light­ing Console

The Col­or­Source AV Con­sole from ETC is a touch­screen-enabled, 20-fad­er, DMX light­ing con­trol con­sole. The 20 faders can con­trol up to 40 fix­tures, and each fad­er has its own indi­vid­ual pro­gram­ma­ble bump but­ton. Built into the unit is a 7″ col­or mul­ti-touch touch­screen that allows you to arrange a light­ing plot with con­nect­ed fix­tures. Remote Device Man­age­ment (RDM) allows the con­sole to iden­ti­fy enabled fix­tures, auto-pop­u­late and patch them.

The con­sole is flex­i­ble, with four con­fig­urable func­tion faders, as well as one home and five con­fig­urable soft­key but­tons. You can pro­gram and save a cue list with 999 cues, and the unit allows you to save light­ing looks to 10 pages with 20 play­backs each for a total of 200 play­backs. In addi­tion, you can pro­gram repet­i­tive light pat­terns and apply them to chan­nels and call them up as need­ed. The AV Con­sole comes equipped with an HDMI and audio out­put, so you can run sound cues, images, inter­ac­tive Video Toy effects, sound-to-light effects, and light­ing cues.

- Sound-to-light play­back
- Mul­ti­ple bump modes: Flash, Solo, Solo Change, Move/​Go
- Full-his­to­ry rub­ber band­ing for play­backs
- On-board help sys­tem and start-up tuto­r­i­al videos
- Exten­sive library for con­trol­ling mov­ing lights
- 40 pro­gram­ma­ble col­or chips and col­or pick­er
- Inno­v­a­tive touch-based para­me­ter con­trols
- Auto fix­ture selec­tion on fad­er moves
- Vir­tu­al Level/​Rate wheel
- Cus­tomiz­able Chan­nel dis­play using Stage Map
- Effects: Inten­si­ty, col­or, shape, and para­me­ter
- Fix­ture Tags for Quick Selects
- 27 Quick Select group­ings
- Two inde­pen­dent chan­nels
- Vir­tu­al key­pad for lev­el entry
- Ami­go” brows­er-based remote
- 25GB onboard stor­age for show files and media
- Suit­able for the­aters, tour­ing pro­duc­tions, small TV stu­dios, and Tradeshows