Etc Express 48 96

ETC Express 4896 DMX Light­ing Console

Manufacturer: ETC

Model Number: Express 4896

$ 200.00 / day
Lighting Lighting Consoles

The ETC Express 4896 Con­trol Console  is a 2 scene, 48 chan­nel, or a 1 scene 96 chan­nel dim­ming con­trol con­sole. It has built-in inter­faces for 512DMX, Eth­er­net, ETCLink, MIDI, MIDI Show Con­trol, MIDI Time Code, Remote Macro/​Go, Remote Trig­ger and Remote Focus Unit.

The Express 4896 has mem­o­ry for 600 cues, 500 groups, 99 focus points, effects of up to 100 steps each, 2000 macros, 24 sub­mas­ters x 10 pages, 2 timed/​manual fad­er pairs, a diskette dri­ve for sav­ing shows, and VGA mon­i­tor and print­er ports.

This is a hands-on light­ing con­trol con­sole with man­u­al 2-scene pre­set oper­a­tion, ETC Expres­sion soft­ware and func­tion­al­i­ty. Sug­gest­ed appli­ca­tions include, but are not lim­it­ed to col­leges, high/​middle schools, com­mu­ni­ty the­aters, trade shows, small TV stu­dios, and hous­es of worship.