Fiilex P360EX Vari­able Col­or LED Light

Manufacturer: Fiilex

Model Number: FLXP36X

$ 50.00 / day
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The P360EX is one of Fiilex’s most ver­sa­tile lights, com­bin­ing pow­er, porta­bil­i­ty, effi­cien­cy and dura­bil­i­ty all in one pack­age. The P360EX pro­vides a 400W equiv­a­lent out­put and it is both dim­ma­ble and col­or tun­able between tung­sten and day­light. The LED’s high CRI (≥93)makes your col­ors look nat­ur­al and vibrant. The P360EX is extreme­ly portable and runs on broad­cast bat­ter­ies as well as AC pow­er, offer­ing greater flex­i­bil­i­ty when you need to shoot on loca­tion and away from pow­er out­lets. A durable light with an IP-24 rat­ing, the P360EX works reli­ably in heavy rain, freez­ing cold, and high humid­i­ty and its sol­id state tech­nol­o­gy elim­i­nates trav­el con­cerns over bro­ken bulbs and frag­ile parts. Light­weight, pow­er­ful, and eas­i­ly mod­i­fi­able, the weath­er-enhanced P360EX gives you an intense light that excels under any conditions.

INCLUDES: P360EX, 4-Way Barn­doors, 30° Fres­nel Lens and AC/DC Adapter.


  • 400W tung­sten equiv­a­lent, 90W draw
  • Dim­ma­ble and Col­or Tun­able Between 3000 – 5600K
  • 65° Native Beam Angle
  • 30° with Option­al Fres­nel Lens (Includ­ed)
  • High CRI93
  • Weighs 1.6 lbs.
  • DMX Con­trol (w/​Option­al DMX Con­nec­tion Box)
  • Rat­ed IP-24 (IP-25 rat­ing w/​Rain Shield)
  • Runs on AC Pow­er 110 – 240V or Broad­cast Bat­ter­ies 12 – 28V
    (w/​D-Tap Cables)
  • Sol­id State Tech­nol­o­gy (no Bulbs to Break)