Fm Tx

FM Broad­cast Trans­mit­ter with Anten­na — 25 Watt

Manufacturer: FM Trans­mit­ter

Model Number: FM Trans­mit­ter — 25 Watt

$ 150.00 / day
Audio Audio Playback and Recording Communications

FM Broad­cast Trans­mit­ter with Anten­na — 25 Watt

***Cus­tomer is respon­si­ble for any required FCC licens­ing or permit.


Stereo RCA Line Lev­el Input and 14″ Mic Input

USB Sound Input

TF Card Reader

PC Con­trol

Dis­play using high-stan­dard OLED screen, 180-degree wide field of vision, high contrast

0 – 25W con­tin­u­ous­ly adjustable trans­mit power

Trans­mis­sion dis­tance of 4 – 5 km (2.43.1 mi) in the open air

Fre­quen­cy range: 87.5~108 MHz

Fre­quen­cy step: 100Khz

Fre­quen­cy response: 50Hz~15000Hz

Anten­na con­nec­tor type: TNC

20015058mm size, 950g weight FM transmitter

FM long range transmitter

The moth­er­board includes a next-gen­er­a­tion inte­grat­ed NC FM stereo radio trans­mit­ter chip, built-in PLL fre­quen­cy, and high out­put pow­er which sup­ports long distances.

FM radio sta­tion broad­cast crys­tal sound quality

  • Includes TF card player
  • Sup­ports loss­less for­mat FLAC/WAV, TF card playback
  • Sup­ports song name dis­play, sound mode and cycle mode settings
  • Sup­ports USB sound card input (to avoid the inter­fer­ence of audio line input)
  • Sup­ports dynam­ic micro­phone, reverb and delay para­me­ter settings
  • Sup­ports card read­er mode (insert the data cable to con­nect the com­put­er, you can direct­ly edit the TF card insert­ed in the machine)

Pack­age Includes:

  • FM Trans­mit­ter
  • Pow­er Adapter
  • Tele­scop­ic Antenna
  • User Man­u­al