Mahogony Lectern

Modern Mahogany Floor Podium

Manufacturer: Displays 2 Go

Model Number: Mohagony Lectern

$ 100.00 / day
Staging Podiums

Modern Mahogany Floor Lectern - This mahogany lectern, also called a podium display, has a reading surface standing 39" off the ground. The reading surface has (3) sides walls to prevent the audience from seeing presentation notes. This lectern display that has a flat reading platform allows the presenter to free up their hands. Each podium reading shelf is 21-3/4"w x 18-1/2"d. This lectern that has (4) rubber feet will remain stable on slightly uneven floors. The podium has a 23-1/4"w x 19"d base, which provides more stability, while taking up minimal space on a stage.