Jands Stage CL Light­ing Controller

Manufacturer: Jands

Model Number: Stage CL

$ 75.00 / day
Lighting Lighting Consoles

Designed specif­i­cal­ly for LED fix­tures but just as suit­able for con­ven­tion­al lights the Stage CL gives you full con­trol of your LEDs and is incred­i­bly easy to use.

Play­back Controls

  • 12 Fix­tures chan­nel with fad­er, flash but­ton, select but­ton, colour out­put mim­ic, hue and sat­u­ra­tion encoders
  • 2 Fix­tures chan­nel pages
  • Scene and Chase play­back on Chan­nel faders
  • 6 Scene Pages
  • Snap­shot but­ton to hold con­sole output
  • 4 Scene play­back but­tons with mas­ter lev­el fader
  • 4 Chase play­back but­tons with mas­ter lev­el fader
  • 1 Cuelist play­back with Go, Pause, Back and Release but­tons and mas­ter lev­el fader
  • Grand Mas­ter and Dead Black Out
  • Fade time dial
  • Chase tem­po dial with tap sync button


  • 4.3” Touch­screen LCD (480272px)
  • Colour win­dow with inbuilt pat­terns, chas­es and favorites
  • Scene, Cuelist and Chase win­dows for edit­ing & monitoring
  • Exten­sive fix­ture library and inbuilt fix­ture editor
  • Sound to light with built in microphone
  • Auto-Pilot mode for unat­tend­ed operation
  • Save mul­ti­ple show files and back­up to USB flash drives

Inputs and Outputs

  • 1 DMX output
  • 1 Eth­er­net / Net­work port (com­pat­i­ble with sACN & Art-Net)
  • 2 USB2 connectors
  • 12v Pow­er input