Yama­ha DZR315-D 3-Way 15″ Active Speaker

Manufacturer: Yama­ha

Model Number: DZR315-D

$ 100.00 / day
Audio Main Speakers

Yama­ha DZR315-D 3-Way 15″ Pow­ered Speak­er Features:

  • 3-way pow­ered loud­speak­er with a 2HF, an 8MF and a 15LF
  • Max­i­mum 143dB SPL and 31Hz-20kHz fre­quen­cy range is ide­al for FOH main PA 
  • High pow­er 2000W Class-D ampli­fi­er module 
  • 96kHz DSP and FIR fil­ter for true high-res­o­lu­tion sound with super low latency 
  • Fea­tures Advanced FIR-X tun­ing, the com­bi­na­tion of FIR fil­ter­ing and cor­rect EQ for min­i­miz­ing phase distortion 
  • Equipped with Dante I/O (2in/​2out) and fea­tures SRC (sam­ple rate con­ver­sion) allow­ing 48kHz device compatibility 
  • Access a vari­ety of DSP func­tions and load pre­sets, or make pre­cise adjust­ments to PEQ, delay and rout­ing etc. via the intu­itive LCD display
  • D-Con­tour and high­ly reli­able pro­tec­tion circuits 
  • Light­weight yet very durable ply­wood cab­i­net with pre­mi­um grade Polyurea coating 
  • Option­al speak­er cov­er (SPCVR-DZR315)